Compasses, Ottobre 2016

Lapitec®: cutting edge technology, for timeless style 

Classic and modern. Retro and futuristic. Lapitec® knows no temporal nor aesthetic constraints. It lends itself to any project thanks to the many different colour and design solutions, making it a valuable and versatile alternative for cladding, flooring, stairs kitchen countertop and worktop production. Lapitec® is impervious to the effects of time and weather, it is highly impact resistant and completely insensitive to UV rays and acid rain. These features make it ideal for outdoor and indoor cladding in buildings of any shape and size, but also for paving and flooring requirements. It can even be used for swimming pools and spas. Thanks to its improved flexural strength and to its specific weight of 2,4 kg/dm3, this sintered stone is perfect for ventilated façades as well as large suspended floors and kitchen countertops and worktops. Lapitec® is particularly suited for the latter, as its surface do not absorb, stain or scratch, it is easy to clean and absolutely non-flammable. (...)